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aniorange's Journal

I'm broke upon my insides
27 December
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I long for something, I never know what. I ache and feel, and I cannot control. I ride the wave of everyday, with the thought of getting off but never really the desire. The years keep passing and yet I still have so much to learn.

Always standing on the horizon of new events, I attempt to strategically delay their passing. My egarness gets the best of me though and I begin, I rush in. I close my eyes and embrace the challange. My heart has needs, it has wants. It always has. And guess what..... That's ok.

as time goes by my inside open back up just a little more. Each day, each week. There is so much healing to do. Each month, each year.
as time went by my mind slowed. The thoughs flow not as easily as they used to. I miss the abstract, the moments of clarity.

I look inside, i look to the past, probably more than I should. I realize that I do not know what the future really holds.

Come join me on some of my adventures.